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Undertale Anime

Undertale Anime

A computer role-playing game with fantasy elements and a lot of different puzzles called Undertale tells the story of a human child played by a player who accidentally found himself in a world where monsters live called Underground.

In the process of passing the game, the main protagonist has the opportunity to meet various monsters, which, depending on the player’s decision, either survive and have the opportunity to become Frisk’s friends, or will be killed if the main protagonist decides to follow the path of blood and murder.

The game is filled with very interesting characters whose personality is revealed throughout the story. You have the opportunity to find out many interesting facts, as well as details of the past of some monsters. And also about the very first person who got into the Underground.

Meet the kind Toriel, who has shown herself to be a very caring person, with King Asgore, who has the goal of collecting souls to get to the surface; brave and strong head of Royal Guard called Undyne, who is going to do everything to protect her king Asgore Dreemurr and other monsters who live in the Underground. Smart and modest Alphys, who works at the court and is engaged in various research and inventions. Sans and Papyrus, two skeleton brothers who live in Snowdin and are arguably some of the most memorable characters. And also the mysterious Chara, because of which it all began.

Many players and big fans of the Undertale begin to make their own anime, in which they implement some moments from the game, and also draw some of their own ideas. Such anime can be found on the Internet and enjoy the appearance of your favorite characters in your favorite drawing style.