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Toriel x Sans

Toriel x Sans

Undertale is a very popular game that attracts not only with its interesting plot, but well-developed characters. The game is also available on many platforms like PC and consoles like Nintendo Switch, PS4 or XBox One.

That Accompanies You Always And Everywhere

Throughout Undertale, you have the opportunity to listen to music written by FwugRadiation in the background. This is the second nickname of Toby Fox, who is the developer of Undertale.

In total, the game features more than a hundred different tracks which can be heard during the player’s adventure, when he moves from one location to another.

During the battle between the main protagonist and the monsters, different tracks also play in the background. For example, one of the most memorable is the one that accompanies the fight between Sans and the main protagonist at the very end, namely Megalovania.

Underground Residents Relations

In the game, you have the opportunity to observe how the relationship develops between the characters and themselves as individuals. Throughout the plot of Undertale, you can learn about what happened between Toriel and Asgore, as well as their son Azriel.

You also have the opportunity to learn about why Toriel lives in the Ruins and about who she communicates with from time to time, telling various funny stories and jokes. Of course, we are talking about one of the coolest characters in Sansa.

Toriel x Sans is revealed at the very end of the game when the characters first meet and report that they have spoken before.

With a neutral ending, then depending on the relationship and those who survived, then Sans will call the player and begin to talk about what happened. In one of the outcomes of events, Toriel can move to Sans and live with him if Papyrus dies. Also, if everything goes well with the skeleton in red, then they will just periodically visit Toriel and have fun with her.

Also, a skeleton in blue can offer Toriel, who returns to the throne in one of the endings, to talk to the player on the phone, but she refuses, citing her busyness. Also in the outcome of events that connected with Undyne, if the player kills Toriel, then Sans will inform the main protagonist that it is better to be careful, since everything is very bad for him. So looking at these relationships, you have the opportunity to understand how well they managed to become attached to each other during their communication.

The same can be observed with other characters. For example, another rather interesting personality is Alphys, who is quite shy and quiet by nature, and you also have the opportunity to watch the development of Undyne, who also changes throughout the plot.