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So Sorry Undertale

So Sorry Undertale

In the game Undertale, the player plays as a human child who accidentally fell into the Underground, a world where monsters live. Now he has to go through many locations in order to eventually get out of there.

In the process of passing the main protagonist meets many different monsters, each of which stands out from the others with its unique features. Also, the player gets to different locations. By the way, depending on the behavior of the player, the monsters will treat him differently. For example, if the player kills everyone, then the number of monsters with each location will become less and less, and if the main protagonist is a pacifist, then this will not happen.

Art Club is one of the interesting locations. But in order to get into it, you must definitely fulfill two conditions. Firstly, read the ad, and secondly, there must be a certain time on the computer.

There you have the opportunity to find a secret monster, which can only be found there at the Hotland location. His name is So Sorry. He got this name because of his behavior since he is a little clumsy and constantly feels guilty for everything. But no matter what, he does not want to harm the main protagonist in any way.

One of the unique features of this monster is that during the battle he has the opportunity to appear in front of the player in one of five possible hats: fedora, beret, party hat, clown cap, trilby. Also, one more condition is that the main protagonist should not follow the path of Genocide, since then he will not have access to the second floor when Frisk is in Hotland.

In general, the character was added to the game due to the fact that a developer named Toby Fox announced that whoever donates 1,000 can add absolutely any character they want to the game. That is why such a character was born.