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Sans Undertale

Sans Undertale

Undertale is quite an interesting game that came out in 2015 and is available on Steam. It was developed by an American known as Toby Fox. In it, you have the opportunity to find a lot of different monsters, each of which has its own distinctive features that make it stand out from the rest.

One of the most memorable characters in the game is Sans Undertale. He is a positive character if the player makes decisions that will lead him to a neutral or pacifist ending. Otherwise, he is going to confront the enemy if he will kill monsters throughout his adventure.

For the first time, the main protagonist is going to be able to meet him at the beginning, when the main protagonist leaves Toriel. In addition, you have the opportunity to find out a little about his and his brother Papyrus’ opinions about people.

Further, the skeleton can be found in his house when they are in the Snowdin location. Then the player also has the opportunity to communicate normally with Papyrus. After that, he meets this character several times in the story, most often in his shop.

Based on some points in the game, we can safely say that he treats his younger brother very well and caringly, even though he sometimes makes fun of him.The Sans is also very remembered by Undertale fans for the fact that it constantly jokes, puns and teases the player. So those who like jokes are definitely going to like it.

As mentioned earlier, the skeleton in the blue jacket also has his own shop where you can buy hot dogs and later “hot cats”. There is a cool feature that allows you to collect twenty-nine hot dogs on his head if the main protagonist has no room in the inventory. In this case, the owner of the shop “treats” the person. In addition, the main protagonist has the opportunity to dine with him during the passage of the game.

Unless You Tread the Path of the Killer

After the main protagonist Frisk, whose name has the opportunity to be found out after receiving this outcome of events, defeats Flowey, they all get out to the top. Papyrus will intend to go to finally meet the people he is so passionate about, and the skeleton is going to say that it will look after him.

In the second case, if the player remained on a neutral path, that is, he did harm at least someone, then a phone call will occur between Frisk and the blue skeleton. Then he will give his comments depending on which of the characters died during the passage.

For example, in the ending, where the good Toriel takes the throne and after she is exiled, he is going to either shelter her if Papyrus is no longer alive, or he is going to spend time with her and Papyrus.

If You Are A Blood Lover

Following this path, this character becomes the last and one of the most difficult opponents of Frisk. He is quite fast and strong, so you will have to make extra efforts to defeat him.

During the battle, he uses a weapon that refers the player to another mysterious character named Gaster, which does not publicly indicate that they know each other.

Also, after all this, the player has the opportunity to meet Chara, who is the first person to enter the Underground that eventually starts to break the game Undertale.