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Sans Simulator 2

Sans Simulator 2

Sans Simulator 2 allows gamers to fight in a battle with their friend on the same computer. So if someone wants to have fun with his friend, now he can do it.

Who Is This Sans?

A skeleton in a blue jacket is one of the characters in the game Undertale. He is one of the key figures since before going to one of the endings, he conducts something like a trial over the main protagonist. After he analyzes the behavior of the main protagonist throughout the game, he decides whether he is going to be the opponent or not.

If the main protagonist killed no one and made friends with everyone, then nothing bad will happen. In the end, all the monsters are going to be able to get to the surface. Papyrus, the brother of Sans, really wants to meet the people he was so interested in when they lived in the Underground, and Sans himself will try to look after him so that his younger brother does not do anything strange.

Otherwise, the player will have to face one of the most difficult opponents in Undertale. He is very fast and has very dynamic attacks that are going to force the player to act as quickly as possible to avoid taking damage from his blasters and bones.

Also, if the main protagonist retained not only determination, but also neutrality, then it will be possible to talk with this character on the phone at the end of the game, and he is going to tell what happened in the Underground since the time Frisk left them.

In general, by nature, Sans is a joker. From him, you can constantly hear various puns or jokes in relation to his brother, Frisk, as well as other monsters.

Basically, he is one of the most beloved characters of Undertale fans due to his rather memorable and interesting personality.

What’s Available in Sans Simulator?

Here the player can play with his friend on the same computer. One of them is going to play for Frisk and the second for the skeleton.

At the very beginning, the player has the opportunity to choose a name. Therefore, if he enters different names of the characters, then he is able to see different comments about this on the screen.

If the player is a human child, then he needs to dodge the skeleton’s attacks. The second player will have access to all possible attacks that a skeleton in a blue jacket can inflict on Frisk. There will be various Gaster blasters, bones, and much more.

The game Sans Simulator also has many different modes that make the game even more interesting, different types of souls and much more. Therefore, if the player wants to see everything that is available in the game, then you can safely start playing!