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Deltarune is a game that was developed by Toby Fox known for his other game that players from all over the world really liked, called Undertale. It was released in the fall of 2018.

What distinguishes it from Undertale is that the graphics and combat system have been slightly changed. Also, here the player has the opportunity to also meet other characters from Toby’s previous work. This is Toriel, Undyne, Catty and Bratty and many others.

Most likely, further, in the story, the player will also be able to meet other familiar characters such as Sans and Papyrus.

The main protagonist is the student Chris, who, together with Susie, the school monster, ended up in another world. After the fall, the first person they discover is Ralsei, who will tell them the legend. He believes that it is about them that is said in the legend that he told them.

Now man, prince and monster go on a long and distant adventure together, but can they fulfill the ancient prophecy that Ralsei spoke of? Will they be able to restore balance and save the whole world from the terrible disaster that could happen if they do nothing?

All this can be found in the first chapter of the story. Toby Fox also announced that he plans to release a sequel to the new story, so those who like it can only wait for the release of the new chapter to play.