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Alphys is one of the characters that you have the opportunity to meet during the adventure through the vastness of the horrortale game called Undertale. She is a scholar who works at the court of King Asgore. She also created a robot that hosts entertainment shows called Mettaton. By the way, the main protagonist has the opportunity to play in one of these shows.

In her morning, she is quite quiet and shy, afraid to show her true self, so she spends a lot of time in her laboratory, watching through cameras the vastness of the Underground and its inhabitants. She also spends a lot of time reading manga, watching anime or playing games, which can be learned while the main protagonist is in her laboratory.

There is also a hint in the plot of the game Undertale that she has psychological distress. So if you walk around the laboratories longer, you can find out a lot of details about her personality and what she did before Frisk got into the Underground.

For example, you can find out that it is associated with the fact that Flowey was born, as well as amalgamates and much more. If the player follows the path of neutrality throughout the game, then at the end she will give advice to the main protagonist, telling him what to do so that he can escape.

Also, if the player receives an ending in which Toriel regains his throne, then during the call it will be possible to find out about what happened to Undyne and the scientist. It can also become more closed or, on the contrary, cease to be dependent on chats and calls. Or she might disappear altogether if her invention is killed.

The Path of the Pacifist in Undertale has the opportunity to allow you to help the scientist with Undyne, with whom she is in love. During the passage, the main protagonist will have to deliver a letter from Undyne to her, but, unfortunately, she misunderstands everything and as a result, the date is not with the warrior, but with Frisk. But in the end, when they meet with Undyne, then everything will fall into place.

Genocide, on the other hand, enables the scientist to help save other monsters. During this outcome of events in the game, she will receive a message stating that everyone needs to be evacuated if Undyne fails to stop the player.