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Undertale is a cult game developed by an American developer called Toby Fox. The release date of the game was in 2015 and is available to play on PC. The plot of the Undertale game revolves around the main character played by the player. His name can only be learned if the player follows a peaceful path.

The main protagonist falls into the Underground at the beginning of the game, and in order to get out, he needs to go on a long journey to get back home.

Your Essence Affects Outcome

The player can follow the path of pacifist and genocide. In the first case, he is able to make various friends who help him on his adventure. In the second, the Underground will be overwhelmed by horror and with each new location, the player is going to meet fewer and fewer creatures because everyone is afraid.

Your Story Begins With The Fall

The game Undertale tells the story of two worlds that, after the war, began to live separately from each other. And they did not intersect in any way until the human child fell to the monsters, falling through a hole in the mountain.

On his way, the main protagonist meets the kind Toriel, who helps him at the very beginning. Next, he will meet two very recognizable skeletons, who are known by many due to their well-developed personalities. Their names are Papyrus and Sans. And also after leaving Snowdin, he is going to be able to meet Undyne and smart Alphys with her invention Mettaton. If the child follows a peaceful path, then he is going to be friends with them, otherwise, everything will not end so positively.

Further, the human on his way meets very important creatures in the plot of the game. These are Asgore and Azriel. Due to the fact that the main protagonist enters the castle, he can find out the details of the conflict between people and monsters, as well as learn about other cases when children get to the monsters’ world.

The child learns about the souls that Asgore took to break down the barrier. Since the king decided to take revenge on people, he needs one more last soul, which this human is. So further events will develop as the main protagonist showed himself throughout the game.

If the player did not kill anyone, then everything ends quite positively and in the circle of friends. By the neutral path, everyone will come to the surface. The last path is called genocide, then the player will meet the first human who ended up in the Underground, and then she is going to destroy everything.

So if the player is a big fan of role-playing games, then he is definitely going to like this exciting adventure in the company of monsters living underground.